My battle with burnout isn’t from just one episode, but many until I learned what really balancing my life with purpose and joy meant.

A lot of times in our culture when we talk about getting ahead, performing better, and taking better care of ourselves, we focus on the “eat well, sleep well, don’t stress too much, and exercise every night philosophy.”

Oh, and find and live your purpose is usually in there too 😉

In my work with clients, the larger wins are usually what we focus on first, which I call CALM:

C: Clarity

A: Assessment and Accelerated Plan

L: Learning and Mentoring

M: Mindfully purposeful practice, career and life

  • Good sleep is helpful….but what if you have small kids? You know, the ones that pull your eyelids open at 5am for chocolate milk…..
  • Saving money for that trip to rejuvenate is helpful, but what if you’re burned out and the work load and environment is the same when you get back?
  • Taking care of ourselves is important, but what if the day-to-day factors causing the stress don’t change? When we choose clarity, purpose, and plan above the small steps, the can be put together for larger wins. What are your large wins in your career and life to being burnout free, and what’s worked for you? Where in your life do you want to take the larger leaps….the bigger steps?

Focusing on this larger picture—eliminating and processing through the factors contributing to burnout—rather than simple solutions, will help you build a better career and life, burnout free once and for all.

What are your larger steps?

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Carly Palady, LICSW is an in-demand Clinician, Performance & Burnout Coach & Consultant in Seattle, WA with experience giving corporate presentations, working with 1:1 and group clients, and known for helping busy service-based professionals, leaders and executives who are ready to leave burnout behind while stressing less and living more to perform at their best, build a resilient mindset, activated career, and holistically balanced life!

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